Introduction to our approach

We begin by taking you through our introductory process to teach you about our approach to Financial Planning and Wealth Management. Throughout this process, you will learn how your dreams can become a reality and what changes would give you the best probable outcome. You will know exactly what to expect as a client and we answer all your questions.. The plan will be comprehensive and include everything from tax preparation and planning to investment strategies, insurance, and estate and real estate planning. Based upon that information, we will help you create a financial plan that supports your vision. We want you to make an informed decision about working with us, so there is no cost or obligation. This ensures we will have a great working relationship as we help you live with financial freedom

Investment Philosophy

(i) Costs Matter – keep investment fees low
(ii) Keep it Simple – avoid unnecessary complexity
(iii) Index Investing – capture the return provided by the market
(iv) Stay the course – avoid psychological mistakes such as market timing and chasing past performance
(v) Real Financial Planning – planning and behaviour are the key to long term financial success. Save more for retirement while not compromising on your current lifestyle.
(vi) Ignore the Noise – focus on variables that you can control, ignore Share Market, and enjoy your life

Our financial planning process:

(i) Simplify - all your financial documentation, insurance, real estate, and legal documents are consolidated in one place.
(ii) Integrate - we evaluate your current situation from a big-picture perspective, which may include cash flow, risk assessment, real estate, small business needs, estate plans, tax strategies, retirement investment accounts and education investments.
(iii) Forecast - you will receive a financial probability analysis that shows the likelihood of achieving your goals with your current situation.
(iv) Prioritize - you will get a recommendation on how to better achieve your goals that goes far beyond your investment portfolio.

Your financial freedom is within reach

Using simple and time-tested principles, our approach is designed to help you create and manage wealth, while maintaining peace of mind. We help you create a plan so your wealth can enable you and your family to live the life you want. We stress test your plan to make sure it can weather life’s storms and we help you make important decisions along the way, so you can be financially free to pursue the things that bring your life true meaning and purpose.